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Welcome back you bunch of HomoEconomicus! Time to get personal.

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. A country in which poverty, hunger and disease reign supreme. Lately, I have been involved in many conferences and discussions in Madrid with political as well as economic scholars. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate more words to the situation of my home country, due to the fact that media manipualtion and censorship have twisted the truth regarding Venezuela’s catastrophic situation.

venezuela explosion demonstrations

As a start, I highly recommend you watch the following documentaries:

  • CAP 2 Intentos (2016) – A look at where the issue originated with the historical mismanagement of abundance.
  • El pueblo soy yo. Venezuela en populismo (2018) – An indepth analysis of Hugo Chávez’s destructive tyranny.
  • Chávez: Inside the Coup (2003) – An alternative viewpoint to Chávez’s coup d’état.

I will keep you updated on the most current socioeconomic situation in Venezuela, and I highly suggest that you research independently as well.

May the ECON be with you