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Welcome back you bunch of HomoEconomicus! Just wanted to share some of the best online courses for economics/finance. ENJOY!

I just wanted to upload a list of the online courses I am currently undertaking – the majority of them are free of charge on iTunesU. So there is absolutely no excuse, to lay there watching Netflix!


  • Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) – An introductory 8-hour course to the basic functionality of the Bloomberg Terminal.
  • Behavioral Finance [Duke University] – A relatively new branch of applied finance (a new passion of mine!).
  • How to Start a Startup [Stanford University] – Short course for the up and coming entrepreneurs!
  • Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital [Stanford University] – Further tools to tackle the pressure of starting a business.
  • Financial Theory [Yale University] – Relatively quick course on the basis of investment and financial risk.

Moreover, I highly recommend you guys download the following apps: Coursera, edX, Udacity, Udemy, iTunes U – filter economics/finance and the breadth of courses is simply unparalleled.

Bonus: Download Mimo and Playgrounds for the iPad if you are interested in basic coding.

May the ECON be with you